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5 / 5
Worked really quickly on my son's acne. Almost 100% clear now. If he sees any sign of a spot he can just do a couple of quick treatments an it seems to stop it developing.
George Bush,
5 / 5
Firstly my acne was moderare and around my chin and neck. It flared up big time one winter. It was sore, icy, red, makeup made it look worse. I felt gross. Before buying my RIO beauty laser I used every "acne" product I could think of. I paid a lot of money for pro-active, Vichy cleansers, exfoliators, going to the doctor and paying for antibiotics, ordering gels with salicylic acid in them (which literally made my skin flakey, inflamed and even more irritant!) I literally spent so much just so I could have clear skin. After researching this laser in 2013 (older version laser) it literally cleared up my skin. I was patient with it. I realised the amount of money I poured into products - this would be major bargain if it worked, which it did! My breakouts are always (& still happen from time to time) around my chin but this laser really cleared them up. I use it every other night watching tv and don't even notice the time ticking by. Its incredible! I recommend it to so many friends! I'm forever recommending it to friends. Telling people NOT to go on antibiotics for your skin (unless you suffer from heavy acne and really need to) because that will not cure it - it will only clear it while your on the medicine. Then you're back to square one trying to tackle it. Have patience, strip back your skincare routine, use products with very little chemicals in them and lastly, take progress photos! Good luck! Niamh x
Niamh K,
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